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  • 6 Benefits of a Training and Development Program
    Over the years I have seen a common practice of cutting employee development during difficult economic times.  Though this may seem a fiscally good idea, the real costs say otherwise.  One significant facture is the cost of turnover.  Equally important, 0 Continue reading

  • Effective Training = Transfer and Adoption of Skills
    As a trainer one of the biggest challenges is having your attendees retain the information and then apply it when they get back to their office.  While working with my clients I have found 6 areas which are key to 0 Continue reading

  • How Do I Apply for New York State MWBE Certification?
    In my last article I talked about the benefits of New York State MWBE certification.  Once you have determined that your business can benefit from selling to the government and you qualify for the program what should you do next?  0 Continue reading

  • Why Get New York State MWBE Certified?
    Many business owners are looking for ways to expand or create new revenue streams for their business. Selling your products or services to the government is one way to do that. That being said, not every business is a good 0 Continue reading

  • Streamline Your Growth…Or Die!
    I recently had a table at a Minority Women Business Enterprise (MWBE) Expo. It was a great event and fabulous resources for the attendees as well as quality workshops.  Wonderful to be part of that.  One area I was talking 0 Continue reading

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Setting the Stage for Successful Collaboration

Many non-profits are being affected by the different initiatives coming down the pipe involving federal and state funding requirements. This can make it very challenging for organizations who are already doing more with less while still providing quality services to their communities. The good news is some of these initiatives can help create an environment where you spend more money and time on furthering your mission instead of managing it. As part of these changes organizations are working towards collaboration, consolidation and compliance. These necessary Strategic Steps help safeguard your funding as well as ultimately increase access and quality of services. For initiatives of this kind setting the right foundation is key to being successful. Lets examine these three components...Click HERE to read the entire article.

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