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Case Studies & Testimonials

See What Others Have to Say

Cynthia Marsh-Croll is a pleasure to work with! She brings energy, enthusiasm and humor to help her clients improve work synergies. We engaged Cindy to help us redesign a department in our agency. Cindy reviewed our processes and procedures and helped us create a new, more streamlined structure with updated roles and responsibilities. Beth Abarca, Independent Living, Inc.

DOWNLOAD the Case Study - Being a Lean Enterprise Gives a Competitive Edge for Tyramm International

Tyramm International was rolling out a whole new product that could revolutionize the food retail industry. They have developed a product called Interergister. This is a powerful point of sale system that gives food chain owners and managers the ability to oversee and make strategic decisions about their stores at the touch of a button. The competitive edge implications are enormous....

"Cynthia brings tremendous passion and expertise to her work. As a small nonprofit, Jewish Family Service had limited resources to put towards a consultant but a significant need to improve our donor and client databases. And we needed databases that were affordable. Cynthia familiarized herself with our needs and workflow, researched many possible options, and ultimately made excellent recommendations, which we are now implementing.

On top of this, she was a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her."

Sonia Wagner
Jewish Family Service of Orange County, Inc

Cynthia has done a great job helping me set up organizational systems to increase my productivity and track information. She works with you to determine what systems and methods will work best for you so that your solution is sustainable. She was always immensely helpful and shared inspirations and ideas for improving marketing and growing my company in addition to helping me set up a good working system. I highly recommend her if you have some aspect of your business you need to get organized and on track.

Lisa Wipplinger, PhD.
Savvy Structures Inc.

Enthusiastic, creative, reliable: Cynthia is the go-to connection to improve business processes. If Cynthia had been on the Titanic, the movie title would have been a little different: Organizational tornado whipped the damage control into shape and saved the ship and while completing the trip efficiency was improved 12.54%. I am proud to have Cynthia on my networking ship and it's efficiency has increased 500% in the last month due to her assistance.

Jim Sutton

"Cindy Marsh-Croll is a talented organizational strategist. She exceeds your goals & expectations while minimizing your expenses.

Cindy learns all of your daily, seasonal, time & industry challenges. She patiently educates you until you sort through, understand & eliminate all resistance to change.

Cindy helps you invigorate your office & clear roadblocks. We reduced our preparation time for meetings or presentations by 50% because of the improvements she suggested to increase my work flow.

Croll Organizing LLC increases your success at any stage of your business & life on budget within your time constraints. Contact Cindy today to increase your profitability & enjoy the added bonus of restoring peace in your office or work environment."

Melanie Richards
Prisms Promotions, Inc.

"Cynthia Marsh -Croll is not only an expert in the field of professional organizing ,she is also an expert in making sure what she implements gets accomplished by her follow up. Her personal one on one consultations with her clients helps personalize a system that will work for that individual...that would best help recharge their business though a healthy work flow, and increasing their income potential...In 6 months time my business totally did a 360 % turn around...The documents of boxes of files upon files went from 6 boxes to 1...My personal productivity went from working at a 50% level to 100%, by implementing systems to organize my inventory, having action folders for my everyday activities, and having a place for Operations of my business. and a system for my schedule. Having an office assistant now that is working to a full capacity...alleviated that extra time I was spending working overtime , about 75 hours a week, extra!!. With this came a less stressful lifestyle where I have more time for myself ,family ,vacation,& exercise...

My sales have now increased...where before it was just operating at a 50% low. My Stress has decreased a whopping 90%; Im emotionally able to get more involved in the important aspects of my business, in expanding my customer base and working more with the local businesses. This increase of 80% from 20% can only be credited again to Cynthia Marsh Croll with her expertise and knowledge , helped me organize not only my business but my Life Style !!!"

Gina Guiliano
Owner of Gina Maries Studio of Makeup Artistry

I can honestly say that hiring you to organize my office was one of the best investments I have ever made. I was skeptical at first, thinking that it would be impossible for you to organize my desk and workflow because you are not an insurance person by trade. Now each morning when I walk into my office I feel energized rather than depressed. I am working much more effectively and efficiently because I am not distracted by piles on my desk. I feel much better about bringing clients into my office because my organized work space inspires confidence and credibility. Probably the best part of all is that I am confident that I can keep my office organized because you gave me a workable system. In the past whenever I cleaned off my desk, it would look good for a few weeks but would ultimately revert back to the same old mess. I did not have a system....I would recommend your services to anyone.

Cathy Smith McCarty
William A Smith & Son, Inc.

The difference is incredible!...the daily processallows me to service clients and prospects at a much greater level of efficiency and all it cost me was time with you. Frankly I feel for what you charged me I received tremendous value. Now I know where everything is all the time. The office functions like a well oiled machine and I am far more productive than I have ever been. And with a lot less down time and stress!

Scott M. Lask
The Scott Lask Wealth Management Group LLC Monroe, NY

"Before we began, I could almost never find the paperwork that I needed to take a home to the next step in the process. I had to hunt up the paper. That produced a great deal of tension....Now, that aspect of the business is effortless. Files are in good shape, and follow the process of the business. I am able to expand my business, and am able to at least double the number of people I work with at a time. The other thing is: I can focus on helping my clients, not on finding necessary paperwork. It has completely changed the experience of running my business. My clients ought to thank you, and they don't even know you!"

Peter Trachtenberg
Short Sale Only US

"...You gave the youth members some excellent, clear points about how to be more organized and focused on achieving their goals.

Your tips on the importance of knowing your target audience's wants and not just what you have to offer will be a great asset to them as they write their college essays and job resumes....In addition to the tangible action steps you shared, you also inspired and motivated them to remember to "persevere - know where they want to go - and not be afraid of failure..."

Rachel Wilson, Advisor
Orange County Youth Leadership & Service Council

"She was so realistic. Other seminars Ive been to like this left me feeling like how will I apply this, I did not feel this way. I am leaving feeling like I have some good building blocks"

Sheri Caslin
Marist College, Poughkeepsie, NY

Hudson Valley Business Edge 2008: "I think this would be a great seminar for all bosses and employees with a follow-up discussion about how to make your business efficient, effective and productive!"

Becky Tenckinck

Your workshop was one of the most valuable I attended at the conference. You give some very powerful techniques that anyone can use. Your systems and methods are very clear and common sense, easy to implement and most importantly, easy to MAINTAIN. I got a lot of very good ideas, now let's see if someone as hopeless as myself can become organized....if I can do it, anyone can! Many, many thanks!

Jeanne-Marie Lowell

Cindy helps you set goals, allows you the time to modify &/or refine them while breaking them down into bite size tasks. Her desire to understand all elements of my business is helping me start recreating the office of my dreams to better support our rapid growth....I'm looking forward to working with Cindy on an ongoing basis to help us easily handle more projects & deadlines, while making room for my first employee. Croll Organizing is now a strategic partner to help us maintain a workspace focused on helping meeting more clients needs in a shorter space of time....Thanks for your incredible support & amazing services!

Melanie Richards
Prisms Promotions, Inc.

Partial Client List

Abundant Life Farm
American Gizmological Services
Apex Merchant Solutions
Big Brothers Big Sisters
Cooley Group, Inc
Maureen Crush of Rider Weiner & Frankel
Formula H Motorworks
Goshen Acupuncture
Gina Guiliano of Mary Kay
Head's Up! Hair Salon
Horan Excavating
Independent Living, Inc.
Jewish Family Service of Orange County, Inc.
Lagond Music School
Marist College - Human Resources
Cathy McCarty of William A. Smith & Son, Inc.
Medwise Billing, Inc.
Mental Health Association in Orange County
Sheila Pearl Life Coach
Prisms Promotions, Inc.
Redlake, Inc.
Roger H. Madon, Esq.
Orange County Partnership
Sapphire Title and Settlement Agency, Ltd
SB Direct Inc.
Signet Equine Institute
Skate Time 209
Candace Sleight of Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
Short Sale Only US
Sullivan County Community College
The Scott Lask Wealth Mgmt. Group, LLC
Thomas Martinelli Consulting, Inc.
Tyramm International
Van Gelder Music Center
Amy Warner of AFLAC
Weather to Succeed, Inc.
West Point American Society of Military Comptrollers (ASMC)