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Standardization of Workflow Processes – 5S

Before an organization can begin to streamline and reduce waste in the office they need to create standards and best practices. We help our clients do this through the 5S system. This is the foundation for any lean office initiative and the start of an organization’s journey to become a lean enterprise.

5S Encompasses the following:

  • Sorting

Sorting is the first step to making a work area neat and practical. Keep only what is necessary

  • Set-In-Order

Identify and label everything. Organize and arrange everything in a work area. Setting-In-Order provides the most efficient means for retrieval and return of items to their proper place.

  • Shine

Implement regularly scheduled cleaning practices to shine things up. When a structured system is established and becomes part of the culture, cleaning and inspection (audit) can be done quickly.

  • Standardize and Simplify

Continually look for ways to standardize and simplify the work area or process(es).

  • Sustain

Sustain the benefits you derive from your 5S system by creating a formal method of auditing and monitoring results.

The benefits of doing this first and vital step is reducing wasted time and materials, improving office productivity, improved morale and an organized work environment. Anyone who has worked in a cluttered office knows how disruptive it is to workflow and mental focus. 5S creates an environment of productivity and pride. This will trickle into other areas of the business as well. We assist our clients in creating a 5S environment for their office by working with staff and management through each “S” in the process.

  • Diagram provided by The Lean Store - Lean Office Training Set