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Training, Workshops, Seminars on Lean Office and Increasing Productivity

Certified Lean Office Expert, Trainer and Consultant

Workshop and Training Topics

  • Overview of Lean Office: The discussion of what is the goal and techniques of becoming a lean office and what are the wastes that need to be eliminated in order to increase productivity and reduce costs. We also examine the principles of creating standardization as well as mapping administrative processes. This workshop includes practical application using a case study.

  • Standardization of Workflow Processes - 5S: A workshop on how to create standardized work in an office environment. We discuss the foundation of a lean organization which is called 5S in the Lean Office system. 5S is creating procedures and the foundation of best practices for any organization. Streamlining can not begin to be examined until standardization is achieved. That is why this is the foundation of any lean office initiative.

  • Workflow Management: Examining the components of workflow and tying that into personal and professional goals. Also discussed are methods for implementing the workflow and effective delegation and prioritization. Effective use of resources and tools are also discussed in this workshop.

  • Mapping your Flow and Process: We examine different mapping tools to drill down from company mission and goals into actionable improvement of productivity. The workshop looks at company objectives and the areas that are causing the most resource drain on an organization. How to determine which area in the administrative environment will be examined and how to map the flow of the information and work through an administrative function or area.

  • Getting the Most out of ACT! CRM: Learn how to Increase Profits, Increase Productivity and Reduce Expenses for Your Business Using ACT!...Click here to learn more.

Past Audience Feedback:

"Cynthia's presentation was energetic and on target. Clearly your knowledge of the subject makes you an invaluable tool for our local business community."
Jeffrey Rich
Wind Mountain Solutions, Inc.

"Practical, useful information for any business, but especially to small nonprofits with limited budgets."
Steve McLaughlin
Action Towards Independence

"Thank you, material is immediately useable and implementable."
Doug Hovey
Independent Living, Inc.

"Cynthia's is a true human being and brings experience and value to daily business."
Candace Behensky
Liberty Mutual

"Very informative seminar! Cindy is a great speaker. She used real life examples of her clients. I was able to take actionable concepts to use in my practice."
Paul Rafanello
Paul Rafanello, CPA, PLLC

"The information presented made me think about how to do things on a daily basis. I think this knowledge will help me increase my sales and in turn my salary."
Peter Stefonowich
Donald B. Dedrick Agency

"Thanks again for your very valuable seminar yesterday. You are very energetic and obviously an expert in your field. I wish you much success in your work."
Alvin Taylor
United States Military Academy at West Point

"...You gave the youth members some excellent, clear points about how to be more organized and focused on achieving their goals.
"Your tips on the importance of knowing your target audience's wants and not just what you have to offer will be a great asset to them as they write their college essays and job resumes....In addition to the tangible action steps you shared, you also inspired and motivated them to remember to "persevere - know where they want to go - and not be afraid of failure..."
Rachel Wilson, Advisor
Orange County Youth Leadership & Service Council

She was so realistic. Other seminars Ive been to like this left me feeling like how will I apply this, I did not feel this way. I am leaving feeling like I have some good building blocks"
Sheri Caslin
Marist College, Poughkeepsie, NY

Hudson Valley Business Edge 2008:
"I think this would be a great seminar for all bosses and employees with a follow-up discussion about how to make your business efficient, effective and productive!"
Becky Tenckinck

Mary Kay Seminar:
"Very inspirational Im actually excited to implement what Ive learned and change my life as well as my employers."
Christine McDowel
Mary Kay Cosmetics

"A 'get-to-the-heart of what's going on' presentation that was interesting and engaging as well as very useful. I like the tangible tools I can implement today....Thank you! "
Marci Gurton
Big Brothers Big Sisters of OC

"The information presented was definitely 'food for thought'! It's made me look differently at the piles and clutter in my life (both at work and at home) and rethink how I can turn the negatives into positives. Your presentation also reinforced some of the things I'm already doing and the affirmation felt great! Thank you!"
Gerie Dunn
Orange County MRC

Previous Speaking Engagements

March 2012Entrepreneurial Assistance Program at Orange County Chamber of Commerce
March 2014Independent Living Inc.
March 2014The Orange County Partnership
October 2013NEW YORK BUSINESS EXPO & CONFERENCE at the Javits Convention Center
January 2011Westchester Disabled on the Move
April 2011NYSACRA Annual Conference
June 2011Orange County Chamber of Commerce Productivity Panel
January 2010Insurance Professionals of Dutchess County
March 2010Rockland Business Association
June 2010Hudson Valley Business Edge 2010
September 2010Habitat for Humanity of Greater Newburgh
September 2010Insurance Professionals of Orange County
October 2010Orange County Business Accelerator
November 2010Insurance Professionials of Albany
November 2010The Mid-Hudson Chapter of APICS
January 2009National Women's In Network Orange Evening Chapter
February 2009Youth Development Action Team, Orange County Youth Bureau
April 2009Orange County Government Lunch & Learn
April 2009Hudson Valley 3rd Entrepreneurial Conference & Expo
May 2009Warwick Valley Community Business Expo 2009
June 2009Hudson Valley Business Edge 2009
June 2009Orange County Employment & Training Department
July 2009ACT for Youth Summer Youth Leadership Academies
July 2009Rockland Entrepreneurial Moms Organization
September 2009Orange County Youth Bureau SYSTEM OF CARE YOUTH LEADERSHIP GROUP
October 2009American Society of Military Comptrollers (ASMC), West Point Chapter
December 2009Orange County Chamber of Commerce Consultants Workshop
January 2008Mental Health Association in Orange County, Inc.
January 2008Middletown Business and Professional Women's Club
January 2008Goshen Chamber of Commerce
January 2008Big Brothers Big Sisters
March 2008Mary Kay Cosmetics
April 2008Sullivan County Community College
June 2008Hudson Valley Business Edge 2008
June 2008National Women's In Network Matrix
July 2008Marist College, Poughkeepsie, NY
September 2008The Women's Bar Association of Orange & Sullivan Counties
November 2008Orange County Youth Bureau
November 2008PRO Motion Physical Therapy
January 2007Cornwall Public Library
January 2007Goshen Acupuncture
March 2007Sullivan County Community College
August 2007Hudson Valley Business Edge Conference
October 2007National Women's In Network 1st Annual Expo
October 2007Marist College Goshen Center
November 2007Orange County Youth Bureau

Presentation Excerpts:

Lean Office Benefits - OCCC Consultants Workshop

Hidden Waste in the Office

Batching in an Office

Hudson Valley Business Edge...It's A Matter of Time

National Women's In Network Matrix...Superwoman is a Myth

About Cynthia Marsh-Croll

Productivity and Efficiency Expert Cynthia Marsh-Croll is owner of Croll Productive Synergy located in Westtown, New York and is also a Magna Cum Lauda graduate of Kean College in Union, New Jersey. Ms. Marsh-Croll has over twenty years experience in multiple business settings including operating her own business and is Lean Office Certified through the University of Michigan. She has worked with professionals from the not-for-profit sector, point-of-sales software, mortgage, insurance, legal and financial industries to name a few.

Ms. Marsh-Croll developed and facilitated customized seminars for non-profits, including West Point American Society of Military Comptrollers, Westchester Disabled on The Move, Inc., Orange County Youth Bureau, Mental Health Association in Orange County, Inc., Youth Development Action Team, Big Brothers Big Sisters and Middletown Business Professional Womens Club. At Marist College, Sullivan County Community College and the Hudson Valley Business Edge conference, she has conducted personal productivity and business workshops. Attendee Steve McLaughlin of Action for Independence had this to say after attending a workshop, "Practical, useful information for any business, but especially to small nonprofits with limited budgets."

Ms. Marsh-Croll is passionate about educating organizations, managers and employees on how they can increase their profits, productivity and reduce costs through consultations, training and implementing Lean Office principles. She also publishes articles in the Hudson Valley Business Journal , Ezine and her blog For a complete list of services visit

Ms. Marsh-Croll received the Outstanding Business-Community Partner Award in 2009 for her volunteer work with the Orange County Youth Bureau. She is a member of the Lean Enterprise Institute, The Association for Operations Management, National Association of Professional Organizers, The Broome Street Band and Co-Chair of the Orange County Chamber of Commerce Consultants Committee.